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  • BalancedScorecardReview.com is the most comprehensive online resource  dedicated to the Balanced Scorecard. It contains a review of this popular management concept following its evolution and use around the world in various industries or companies. It presents  its various interpretations, compares it to other concepts and explores its impact on organisations as well as the opinions of critics.



  • The BSC concept section provides with a broad view over the Balanced Scorecard, seen as a performance management concept. Different viewpoints about how it is defined, what are the needs it address but also what are its main benefits and weaknesses are presented. Balanced Scorecard origins and its evolution, different typologies, but also the main components that support the concept, such as Desired State of Evolution, Strategy Maps or Performance Scorecards are also subjects discussed in this section.


  • The BSC as a system section presents a complete overview of the Balanced Scorecard implementation process, different roles that it plays as a strategic performance management system and makes a summary of the supporting technologies that helps at its implementation. Different aspects of the Balanced Scorecard relationship with other management concepts are also presented.


  • The BSC in practice section provides evidence of the Balanced Scorecard popularity and usage by organizations throughout the world. The subject of BSC use in practice is examined by industry, company type and country. Additionally, an open catalogue with companies that are adopters of the Balanced Scorecard concept is made available, supported by a list with case studies that describe different aspects of the BSC implementation in adopting organizations.



The website management team is based in Melbourne, Australia. The content is provided by a worldwide network of research assistants and users.



BalancedScorecardReview.com is managed by eab group Pty. Ltd., a management consulting company specialising in organisational performance architecture.



BalancedScorecardReview.com is the result of several years of research in areas related to performance management and measurement.



  • BalancedScorecardReview.com was developed to be used as a reliable source of information, supporting organizational performance management initiatives.
  • The value added by the site is represented by streamlined access to a rich platform with information about Balanced Scorecard concept along with a comprehensive set of resources about how different organizations use the BSC in practice.



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