About eab group


eab group was formed in 2004 to be a leading provider of organisational performance management services in Australia, supporting clients through:

  • Consulting services - providing advice to improve the definition, communication and achievement of performance objectives at strategic, operational and individual level
  • Solutions - developing and implementing best practice organisational performance management processes and systems, such as the Balanced Scorecard to drive sustainable results
  • Training - delivering performance management training to improve the understanding of performance at conceptual level and develop technical skills in related processes/systems, from measure/KPI selection to Balanced Scorecard implementations
  • Research - contributing to the development of the performance management discipline by actively researching and publishing articles on performance management topics in both academic and practitioner publications.


Our vision is to be recognised as a leading provider of organisational performance management services and an influential contributor to the development of performance management as a discipline.

Our customised solutions are based on world's best practice methodologies and frameworks including:

  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Performance Prism
  • European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model
  • Projects In Controlled Environments version 2 (PRINCE2TM) project management method
  • The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®)



We specialise in organisational performance management and related disciplines such as project management, offering clients a complete array of services at all levels, from strategic to operational and individual performance management.


Discipline convergence

We acknowledge the interdependence between performance management and related disciplines such as: system dynamics, strategic management, quality management, project management, human resources management, finance, management accounting and marketing, among others. While our focus is on performance management, we continuously develop our skillset in these disciplines, to maximise the opportunities offered by the multidisciplinary nature of performance management.



Our work is inspired by both practitioner experience and scientific research. We are periodically reviewing practitioner publications and academic literature. This allows us to develop unique insights and deliver outstanding results for our customers.


Knowledge base

We have developed a comprehensive organisational performance management knowledge base, comprising of KPI libraries, visualisation templates, process flow-charts and performance management system models. While each of our projects is tailored to deliver on every individual client's business needs, our knowledge base allows fast turnaround times and enables clients to anticipate the tangible outcomes to be delivered.



Our freshness and creativity enables us to consistently deliver innovative solutions for our clients. We challenge ourselves to gather, analyse and process vast amounts of data during the engagements we work on. Most importantly, we know how to listen, engage stakeholders and facilitate the development of innovative ideas.


Outcome Focused

We deliver measurable outcomes to our customers, generated by both tangible and intangible outputs. In addition to the tangible products generated during engagements, we also focus on the learning experience of our customers. This enables them to achieve significant returns over their investment in us and enjoy the added-value of the knowledge transfer that takes place during and after engagements.



We believe in delivering simple and clear solutions. Our approach results in increased usability of the systems/tools we implement, with positive impact on their adoption. Tools such as Destination Statements, Strategy Maps, Balanced Scorecards and Dashboards capture large amounts of information on one page. This enables visibility of performance data, facilitates focus and improves the process of communicating performance information.



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