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As an online platform for performance management knowledge integration, aims to provide high quality information and resources on Balanced Scorecard, essential for grounding performance management initiatives on strong foundations.

The visitors experience on the site is defined by following activities:



  • Explore an open catalogue with companies that are using the Balanced Scorecard concept and identify and learn how the Balanced Scorecard is used from the organizations that operate in similar industries or environments. Such examples provide a useful starting point for customizing, improving or developing of a Balanced Scorecard system that will match the strategic direction and environmental needs of your own organization.
  • Access a catalogue of case studies and learn how the Balanced Scorecard implementation process took place in different companies, what obstacles companies have to overcome during their implementations and what lessons have they learned that helped improve their organizational performance.


Value added: a repository of selected companies that use the Balanced Scorecard with links to their resources in which the use of the concept in practice is documented and made available to the larger public. A catalogue that compiles the most relevant case studies about companies using Balanced Scorecard is also made available.



  • Explore the Context sections of the website: BSC concept, BSC as a system and BSC in practice.  It represents the Weltanschauung, the world view in the area of performance management and Balanced Scorecard.
  • Visitors interested to further their understanding of performance management as a discipline through self study will find useful the extensive list of recommended articles, recommended web links and books in the Resources and Bookstore sections of the website.
  • The blog is updated regularly with posts that discuss aspects relevant to performance management initiatives. The Performance Architect update is published weekly. It offers a fresh approach to exploring performance management from a Balanced Scorecard perspective by linking theory with practice and using metaphors to illustrate how concepts of the discipline relate to everyday life.


Value added: a repository of selected Balanced Scorecard resources, filtered through the insight into the field by tens of thousands of hours of research and practical experience.



  • Visitors contribution to the content is essential to the continued growth of catalogues with companies using Balanced Scorecard and case studies where Balanced Scorecard implementations are analyzed.  All interested parties have the possibility to propose a new company that uses the Balanced Scorecard or a case study where a BSC implementation is analyzed or documented.  
  • The Blog, Forum and Answers sections contains a user collaboration functionality that allows visitors to add relevant comments and discuss submitted posts.


Value added: visitors can not only access high quality content, but can also contribute in shaping it by adding content, discussing it and filtering it.


User profile

  • Business professionals from any industry and with any functional role.
  • Performance Management practitioners, interested in furthering their understanding of the field and in contributing to its growth.
  • Students and researchers


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