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What is
[top] is an online platform which integrates information about the Balanced Scorecard concept. It offers high quality resources as well as access to premium content enabling interested parties in the concept to get informed and make smart decisions regarding their performance management initiatives.


What resources can I find on

The BSC concept section provides with a broad view over the Balanced Scorecard concept. Different viewpoints about how it is defined, what it needs address but also what are its main benefits and weaknesses are presented. Balanced Scorecard origins and its evolution, different typologies, but also the main components that support the concept such as Desired State of Evolution, Strategy Maps or Performance Scorecards are also subjects discussed in this section.


The BSC as a system section presents a complete overview of the Balanced Scorecard implementation process, different roles that it plays as a strategic performance management system and makes a summary of the supporting technology that helps at its implementation. Different aspects of the Balanced Scorecard relationship with other management concepts are also presented.


The BSC in practice section provides evidence of the Balanced Scorecard popularity and usage by organizations throughout the world. The subject of BSC use in practice is examined by industry, company type and country. Additionally an open catalogue with companies that are adopters of the Balanced Scorecard concept is made available supported by a list with case studies in which different aspects of the BSC implementation in different organizations are described.


Users interested to further their understanding of performance management as a discipline through self study will find useful the extensive list of recommended articles, recommended web links and books in the Resources and Bookstore sections of the website.


The Blog is updated regularly with posts that discuss aspects relevant to performance management initiatives. The Performance Architect update is published weekly. It offers a fresh approach to exploring performance management, by linking theory with practice and using metaphors to illustrate how concepts of the discipline relate to everyday life.

Who develops the project?
[top] is a project developed by the eab group Pty. Ltd. , a provider of organizational performance management services based in Melbourne, Australia. Visit eab group here.


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