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Implementing the Balanced Scorecard in large organizations and successfully rolling up the performance management system at all organizational levels is not a simple matter. Once a performance management system based on Balanced Scorecard is developed and ready functional, the system must be automated in order to allow real time data collection, analyses and communication of performance information.

Software options and vendors as well as user requirements needs to be thoroughly analyzed in order to make the most cost effective software choice for today and to meet the organizational performance requirements in the future (Rohm and Halbach). Customized software is one of the most desirable solutions. However most of the time it comes with high costs. The cost of deploying software information systems can range from several thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars. The cost is also influenced by the organizational size and scale of the Balanced Scorecard implementation as well as level of customizations and features of the system.


A useful resource for assessing the market of Business Intelligence (BI) Platforms is the Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms, released by Gartner (2010). The report provides a comprehensive evaluation of the main software vendors for the BI platforms, as well as defining the BI market and its trends.

Gartner Magic Quadrant - BSC20.comSource: Gartner, 2010


The Business Intelligence Market

According to Gartner’s 2010 BI Magic Quadrant report, the market for BI platforms will remain one of the fastest growing software markets despite the economic downturn. Organizations will continue to turn to BI as a vital tool for smarter, more agile and efficient business. Gartner’s annual survey of CIO technology priorities reflects that BI remained among the top five priorities in 2009, while being No. 1 in each of the previous four years.


The report shows that performance management field is a continuous area of growth for BI. Leveraging BI beyond the corporate performance management, into other areas of corporations such as sales performance management, human resource performance management or call center performance management is an important driver of growth.



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