Balanced Scorecard is one of the most used management tools today. Its evolution accelerated over the last 20 years and due to the large and unstructured body of knowledge, having a comprehensive view of the current state of its evolution is rather challenging.  One way of achieving this is by monitoring the pulse of its development as reflected in different survey reports and research studies covering the implementation and usage of the Balanced Scorecard in different countries.


Listed below is a list of relevant statistics and reports describing the state of the Balanced Scorecard adoption by organizations around the world, grouped by countries. Click on the name of the country or flag to access the page with the resource.


Australia -       Finland -   Australia                                                       Finland


Germany -        Hungary -  Germany                                                          Hungary


USA -       Netherlands -  

                    United States                                                Netherlands                  


      India -       BSC in Afghanistan -         

                                   India                                                               Afghanistan               


      BSC in Denmark -       BSC in Norway -

                                  Denmark                                                            Norway        


      BSC in Canada -       BSC in Portugal -

                                  Canada                                                              Portugal


      BSC in Sweden -       BSC in Italy -

                                   Sweden                                                               Italy

BSC in practice : By country


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