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BSC in Canada - BSC20.comA study realized by Hendricks et al (2004) among Canadian companies analyzes the association between the adoption of the Balanced Scorecard and several contingency variables such as business level strategy, firm size, environmental uncertainty and investment in intangible assets.


Utilizing a mixed design methodology consisting of both a survey and archival data, the findings of the study suggest that Balanced Scorecard adoption is significantly related to business strategy, firm size and environmental uncertainty. More specifically, Hendricks et al (2004) suggest that BSC adopters:

  • are more likely to follow a business strategy
  • are significantly larger, and
  • exhibit significantly higher environmental uncertainty than non –adopters


According with Hendricks et al (2004) the study also investigated the financial performance of BSC adopters, prior and after the BSC implementation. While no post implementation performance effects were identified, the study found tentative evidence suggesting that the financial performance of the BSC adopters leading up to the implementation decision was weaker than comparison firms.


From the final sample size of 179 companies participating with valid answers to the survey, 42 (23,5%), reported that they have adopted the BSC approach.


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