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BSC in Italy - BSC20.comOne of the countries in which the Balanced Scorecard has attracted much interest is Italy. A research study performed by Lucianetti (2010), analyzes how the development of the strategy maps affects the effectiveness of the BSC in Italy.


Research methodology

The research conducted during the first term of 2008 through fax and e-mail, was based on a survey questionnaire, and targeted Italian companies that experienced with the BSC concept.


According with the study’s initial gathering data process a sample of 1,000 organizations were selected, covering several Italian economic industries. From this initial sample, 384 or a 38, 4 % were found to experience with some kind of BSC project and were selected for the survey.


Overall 103 usable questionnaires, a response rate of 27%, from top and middle management were returned and used for data analyzing.


The questionnaire asked to indicate on a seven grade Likert scale:

  • The extent to which organizations agreed on listed BSC expected benefits
  • To confirm if a Strategy Map linked to the implementation of the BSC was developed



The major findings of the study suggest that:

  • 64% of the responded organizations that have implemented a BSC have also developed a Strategy Map linked to the BSC model, while 37 companies (36%) didn’t experience with any Strategy Map development
  • The development of the Strategy Maps negatively affect BSC model effectiveness in terms of perceived benefits



  • Lucianetti, L. (2010), Strategy Maps and Balanced Scorecard Effectiveness, PMA Newsletter – Perspectives on Performance, Vol. 8, No. 1, pp. 4-7.

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