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BSC in Portugal - BSC20.comA research study conducted by Russo and Martins (2005) investigated the level of the Balanced Scorecard knowledge and implementation in Small and Medium Size Portuguese companies from the plastic material manufacturing industry.


The empirical analysis was based on a survey of 332 firms, from which 50 responded, corresponding with a 15, 1 % response rate. The main aspects investigated in the survey were:

  • The level of diffusion and use of the Balanced Scorecard
  • The use of a strategic management framework and the potential linkage with the setting up of evaluation systems
  • The use of the BSC working hypothesis in practice by SMEs


The results of the survey data interpretations suggested that:

  • 94% of the sample enterprises did not use a Balanced Scorecard framework. This means that only 3 of the 50 responding enterprises used or were in the process of implementing a BSC
  • 74% of the respondents had never heard of the BSC
  • 52% of the respondents didn’t confirm the existence of any connection between strategy, goals and financial and non financial indicators
  • There is no significant evidence of the employee awareness in regards with the company strategy


For more details on the research study results, follow the link listed below:



  • Russo, J. & Martins, A. (2005), The Balanced Scorecard in SMEs. The case of the plastic industry in the Portuguese central region, Submission to the AOEF 2005 Conference, available at:

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