Centrelink, Australia


Centrelink is a governmental body established by the Australian Government in 1997 in order to provide a common source for information, assistance and payment. Soon after its establishment, in 1998, Centerlink adopted the Balanced Scorecard as its main performance management tool. The Balanced Scorecard was created around the governmental organization 6 main goals:

  • Goal 1: Client Partnership -To built partnership with client agencies that deliver required results and provide value for money
  • Goal 2: Customer and Community -To increase customer and community involvement and satisfaction with services
  • Goal 3: People - To create an environment where Centrelink people give value to customers, client agencies and community to their skills and commitment to service
  • Goal 4: Cost efficiency - To efficiently manage Centrelink business and return a dividend to government
  • Goal 5: Innovation - To provide innovation and personalized solutions consistent with government policy
  • Goal 6: Best practice - Be the first choice and benchmarked at the best practice in service delivery (Australian National Audit Office, 2003)


Five years from the BSC implementation at Centrelink, the Australian National Audit Office (2003) report outlines that the Balanced Scorecard:

  • Successfully translated Centrelink’s strategy into operational terms in the BSC
  • All the KPIs in the BSC were linked to Centrelink’s strategic goals, though alignment between the 8 strategic goals and 6 overall goals had to be improved and clarified
  • Has been a force for aligning the whole organization to achieving KPIs, with increase results once the BSC was made available online at Area Support Offices and Customer Service Centers
  • Helped make strategy everyone’s business
  • Was reviewed regularly to ensure continued relevance
  • Provided Centerlink with a robust planning framework, which contained all expected elements, from plans to strategic, business and operational level, to risk assessment and treatment, performance monitoring and reporting feedback loops


The full report of the Australian National Audit Office can be viewed at http://www.anao.gov.au/uploads/documents/2002-03_Audit_Report_9.pdf



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